Faster certification, in smaller classrooms, for less than our competitors.

Apex Optics seeks to provide higher quality education and faster certification to those who wish to expand their knowledge of fiber optics, improve their job prospects, and become more capable in this rapidly growing industry. We stand by our training program and our results. We work diligently to ensure the material is understood, and that all of our students are ready for the field.

How we support your equipment training program requirements:

1) Develop custom designed training materials & support the creation of user manuals

2) Training classes for assembly or service personnel (instructors or end-users)

3) Develop and deliver application driven custom instrumentation tool kits

4) Provide instrumentation data interpretation services

5) Build equipment fault identification systems and develop help libraries

Training programs for a range of large and small companies:

  • Oil and gas exploration

  • Production and distribution industries

  • Defense/security contractors

  • Remote vehicle operators

  • CATV contractors

  • Seismic equipment manufacturers

  • Seismic surveying providers