The Swift R5’s simple and user-friendly design enables users to splice quickly and conveniently throughout the 5 processes; stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving (All-in-One). The Swift R5’s thermal automatic stripper leaves no scratches unlike a manual strippers that can leave scratches on the fiber. Additionally, the All-in-One design makes installations easy and much more efficient that having multiple pieces of equipment – perfect for any high density application.

  • Integrated 5 Function in One Unit (Stripping, Cleaning, Cleaving, Splicing, Protecting)
  • The fusion splicer with All-In-One system provides the best workability and also in a limited work space.
  • No scratches on fiber by thermal stripping
  • 4.3-inch Color LCD Monitor with Touch Screen & Bidirectional Operation System
    • Magnification : 20X
    • User-friendly and ergonomically designed by navigational touch screen
  • Powerful Lithium Polymer Battery with Large Capacity
    • More than 320 times for full cycling of splicing and sleeving when fully charged
  • Resistance to Shock, Dust and Water
    • The splicer with high reliability has stable performance even in a harsh environment.
    • Shock – Free Fall : 76cm from 5 sides / Waterproof : IPx2 / Dustproof : IPS
  • Equipped with Sleeve Loader easy fiber loading for ribbon fiber
    • Prevents the supplementary sleeve from contamination and falling.

Ilsintech SWIFT R5